Smart Monitoring & Smart Analytics

  • Complete transparency in manufacturing across all machines
  • Insight into current and historical machine states
  • Overview of current production orders
  • Analyses of production, malfunction, and setup processes based on a variety of key performance indicators

Smart Planning

  • Multivariable planning based on the current order situation
  • Consideration of past and current machine utilization
  • The deadline always in sight

AI Analytics*

  • Trend analytics and forecasting of future process details
  • Anomaly and pattern recognition
  • Process risk and correlation analytics
  • Intelligent pattern recognition and correlation analytics


*Development project with the German government and FH Bielefeld, planned start December 2020.

AI Planning*

  • Real-time controlled production planning using artificial intelligence methods
  • Event-driven simulation methods for determining the best possible capacity distribution
  • Replication of the company through a digital twin
  • Target achievement through a customized production process based on individual target functions

*Entwicklungsprojekt mit der Bundesregierung und der FH Bielefeld, geplanter Start Dezember 2020

Get connected – mit dem PDS-Connect von PRODASO

The data base of the machines is provided by the PRODASO Connect hardware modules. Due to the innovative plug & play approach, the networking of existing plants is possible regardless of the age, interface or the manufacturer of the machines. Alternatively, a fast connection of existing data acquisition systems and existing PLC data is also possible. Connectors are available for all common ERP systems.

Designed & Developed in Germany